The Influence Of Obesity And Nutrition

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College obesity and malnutrition is defined as a medical condition that affects college students and young adolescents struggling to understand the right way to eat and the correct amount of physical education that is needed. Adolescents who are obese are considered to be one of the Leading Health Indicators under the topic of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity in Healthy People 2020. Education courses about the right food to eat and the right amount of exercise needs to be incorporated into a class that students would need to attend. Showing these kids the right way to do things in college allows them to have healthier options rather than the unhealthy food that is served. College students are experiencing what it’s like to live on …show more content…
Students who are being targeted range from 18-24 yrs old and majority are the new freshman who are coming into a new place not knowing a thing about the different foods that are provided and the lack of physical education. These students are not being told about the negative effects that come along with lack of physical education and the increased amount of calories that are consumed per day.

College obesity is a huge public health problem with students all around the world. One of the biggest problems that can happen when this is not addressed would be students becoming depressed, overweight, and most commonly diabetic. People who push for a healthy community need to come up with a solution that stops this from happening and help educate young adults on the effects of obesity. One of the main concerns that people who are overweight deal with are the risks of developing diabetes or coronary artery disease. Showing these students the healthy option for food and providing the correct amount of education that goes along with that would be very helpful to these young students. Helping them to have a much better lifestyle will only benefit them in the end and have a positive
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Genes are responsible for giving the body steps to respond to the continually changing environment. “Studies have identified variants in several genes that may contribute to obesity by increasing hunger and food intake” (CDC, 2016). Healthcare physicians today continue to obtain family health history to help discovered patients that are at high risk of not only obesity but also related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular complications. College students may not be able to change their genes, but they have control over the environment they surround themselves with. Making friends or joining clubs that encourage young students to take control of their eating habits before they take a downwards spiral to an unhealthy environment is something a lot of students should consider right from the

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