Essay about Evaluating Client 's Job Readiness

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The purpose case conference is to evaluate client 's job readiness, taking place in the office of
Mr. Cases ' office, who is the Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE) Supervisor. Mr. Case 's office is shared with an associate and also doubles as a conference room. The building is very old as is the office furnityre. The office space has two desk, a small conference table with six chairs,and it is reminisence more suitable for a nusery or a kindergarten school setting and than a conference room or office to be used for client conferences. The space is small and tight and the temperature is always much to warm, the atmosphere does not offer a friendly, inviting space for meetings of clients. Both client and counselor arrived early for case conference. Christina arrived 15 minutes early she was neatly attired, ableit she looked somewhat groggy. Christana is a recovering substance abuser, has some cognitive issues and takes medications to manage her condition. Ms. Shaw is Christina 's counselor also arrived early, her attire totally the opposite of her client. She looked disheveled, unconcerned and not very friendly. Christina was her usual self quiet, timid and holding her head downcast most of the time, she and the counselor said hello. Mr. Case and myself was business casual. The case conference commenced at 02:00 P.M., with Mr. Case 's introducting me, stating that I was an intern from New York City College of Technology and that I…

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