Evaluating My Dining Experiences

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My criteria for evaluating any of my dining experiences are simple: my meal should be cooked to order and brought out within a reasonable amount of time (20 to 30 minutes), the restaurant should be clean, and most important of all, the service should be enjoyable. Without meeting any of these standards, the restaurant is surely set up to fail. There’s nothing like munching on a cheesy hamburger after a long day of sports. With that said, I decided to eat at Beefy’s, a local hamburger restaurant. Being that it was already around their closing time; the shop was entirely empty. Since there was no one behind their front counter, I took it upon myself to arrange the tables to seat my large party. It took a good five minutes before we were …show more content…
How long a restaurant takes on their orders can play a huge rule on whether they stay in business or not. With an empty restaurant, it took them over thirty minutes to cook just one meal; I can only imagine what their wait time must be on a busy day. Not only did they have a delay on my meal, but my waiter also took a ridiculous amount of time just getting my beverage, and that’s supposed to be the easiest part! Cleanliness should be a restaurants best friend, but in this case, cleanliness seemed to be a big issue. From filthy floors, to ketchup-smothered tables, to unusable bathrooms, the messiness added to the list of let downs. Aside from cleanliness being a restaurants top priority, the service should also be looked at with the same importance. I’ve been to very few restaurants where the service has been horrible, and Beefy’s was one of them. From the moment I walked into the restaurant the service was a big letdown. I set up the tables by myself, the server approached me complaining about his long day, and to top it off, he brought me a slice of cheese in his hand. To say the least, it was a very confusing and disappointing

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