Essay about Ethical Issues in Managing Employee Behavior

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Ethical Issues in Managing Employee Behavior
Pg. 1 - Abstract
Pg. 2 - Intro employee behavior
Pg. 2 - What are Business Ethics
Pg. 3 - Introduction to unethical Practices
Pg. 3 - 3 Main Reasons for Inappropriate Employee Behavior
Pg. 4 - Automatic Dismissal and Managerial Personality Traits
Pg. 5 & 6 -Passive Management
Pg. 7 - Biases, Prejudge Mental and Dishonesty
Pg. 9 - Uneven Distribution
Pg. 10 – Steps to Evaluate Your Decision as a Manager

Ethical issues for dealing with individual employees is difficult because managers on the front line are responsible for various accounts such as hiring and firing disciplining and
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One of the first problems are automatic dismissal when it is not needed. Manager must have proof the employee has had been performing unethically, instead of setting up a meeting with written documentation and a third party to hear the conversation . Managers also know that if it is their word against the employees that there are good chances ofthem not even being questioned.

Similar personality traits lead to managers that are power hungry and are too assertive when engaging with the employee, almost to the point where it is bullying. Even tho assertiveness is good and generates results it must not be aggressive. Managers who take pleasure in fear will use this tactic rather than understanding the issue. Managers who are considered bullies, have little interest in change and is the company likes the results that manager is providing they may have even less interest on how they are behaving. Managers will also bully to avoid accepting responsibility for their behavior and why it may have assisted in the employees unethical decision making and to divert attention away from their inadequacy .

The same can be said for harassment the “fear” approach to fix things. Instead of dealing with the situation head on, they constantly call or think that checking over your shoulder will resolve employee behavior, and it may produce results but does that make it right, no. With the ever growing use of cellphones in the workplace managers may take advantage of the

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