28 Days Movie Analysis

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The film 28 Days tells the story of Gwen Cummings, played by Sandra Bullock. After crashing her sister’s wedding and stealing a limousine and driving it into a house, she is given the option to attend 28 days of rehab or serve time in jail. Being a drug addict and alcoholic, Gwen finds herself at rehab with others who have addictions. At first, she is reluctant to participate in any activities her first day at Serenity Glen. She does not believe that she has a problem. She believes her boyfriend, Jasper, when he claims there is nothing wrong with her, even though the rest of society is claiming otherwise. The first family session she attends, she finds herself leaving the facility with Jasper and returns high. Consequently, her counselor threatens her that he is going to send her to jail because she …show more content…
Whenever Andrea’s mother does not show up for family visit, she cuts her leg in the bathroom with a piece of glass, explaining to Gwen that it feels better than everything else. In addition, she becomes friends with Eddie, the baseball player who has a problem with cocaine and women. In one part of the movie, Eddie punches Jasper in the face over a heated discussion about Gwen. When Andrea’s 28 days are almost up, Gwen, along with the other residents, performed their own version of her favorite show Santa Cruz. Gwen thought this would cheer Andrea up about leaving rehab; however, Andrea overdoses on their bathroom floor. Whenever it is her time to leave, Gwen knows what she needs to do in order to stay clean. Whenever she returns home, Gwen decides to go out to eat with Jasper and they converse about how they can both work on staying sober together. However, when two of their friends approach them asking if they wanted to join them in the back, Gwen, knowing there was going to be alcohol and drugs involved, walks away from the situation, her old habits, as well as

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