The Crank Trilogy

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Overview of the Crank Trilogy
The books that I chose to do my report on were the Crank trilogy, Crank, Glass, and Fallout, by Ellen Hopkins. Crank was published in 2004, Glass was published in 2007, and the last book, Fallout came out in 2013. Ellen Hopkins wrote these books when she had a personal experience when her daughter, Kristina, started using "the monster" after she met the wrong person. She wrote the books to help herself understand why her daughter did it, then she realized that other people would relate to it and how many people had the same story. She continued the story with Glass and Fallout to show the long term effects of crystal meth. In the beginning of Crank it starts with this perfect daughter, Kristina, that is forced
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After Kristina had her baby, Hunter, she thinks that it will be okay to have just a little to help her lose the baby weight but she gets hooked, again. Her life gets taken over and she will do anything to get it, even if that means giving up the one thing she loves the most, her baby. The rising action is that she loses her life to meth and she doesn't care what she loses. She was watching Hunter one day alone and he got hurt while she was busy getting high and the climax is when she gets kicked out of her house and has to find a place to live without her son. She moves in with a friend, Brad, where she has an endless supply of meth. Brad's two daughters don't like the fact that Kristina has to stay with them because she is not their mother. When their mother does come back home Kristina is forced to move out. After she is forced to move out, her and her boyfriend get an apartment. They can barely pay the rent so they have to steal money from wherever they can find some. The falling action is when they are kicked out and have to live in their car eating fast food and stolen food. While sleeping off a late night buzz, a cop comes to the window of their car and he searches the car to find a lockbox of crystal. It turns out that Kristina's mother reported her for theft and they …show more content…
This book follows the lives of three of her children; Hunter, Autumn, and Summer and in the end they all meet at their grandparents house with their mother. Hunter is Kristina's oldest child and was adopted by his grandmother. He by far has the best life out of his other siblings. He has a beautiful girlfriend and an awesome job at the radio station but he also uses drugs. He won't use meth because he knows what it did to his mother. Hunter is willing to risk the best relationship he has ever had with his girlfriend after he meets Leah at a radio gig. Leah calls Hunters phone one night and Nikki, Hunters girlfriend, answers the phone. Nikki is done putting up with Hunters cheating and drug use so she breaks up the him. He tries to get her back but nothing is working. One day he sees somebody in the crowd that looks familiar, then he figures out that it's his dad. He hated Brendon even though he didn't know him well enough because he was the man that raped his mother. After confronting his dad, he realizes that he is a good man that let drugs control his life when he was younger. Brendan joined the military and left drugs behind. Hunter finally makes gets Nikki to stop being mad at him. When his mom comes over for Thanksgiving he tells her everything that nobody else had the guts to

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