Ethical Dilemma Of Cell Phones In Schools

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The use of cell phones has increased with the amount of smartphones being produced and introduced to the general public. Smartphone use within the classroom has been linked to both advantages and disadvantages on the student body as examined by many research studies. In this case, Ms. Taylor has seen first hand what these advantages may bring, however, as the Principal Mr. Henderson has seen the disadvantages. A cell phone policy is usually implemented in schools due to the distraction and disruption they may cause. Contrary to Mr. Henderson’s views and the cell phone policy, Ms. Taylor believes that the cells phones not only improve the student success rate for in class assignments, but the cell phones also provide a comfortable atmosphere …show more content…
Taylor having her students use their cell phones to access the grammar application, she is creating a way in which the students can learn the material she is teaching with the technology that they are used to. This builds upon her relationship with the students, their comfort level in learning the material, and their ability to understand what it is they are learning. Since there is a cell phone policy and Mr. Henderson does not condone the use of cell phones within the classroom, there is an ethical dilemma of what Ms. Taylor should do to maintain the students’ interest and understanding of the grammar material. A solution that would promote the common good would be a simple yet meaningful research study conducted by Ms. Taylor herself. She can present the grades of all of the students in her class in comparison to previous student grades before the grammar application and cell phone use was brought into the classroom. This would help Ms. Taylor emphasize the impact that this one application has on the capability of the students’ grasp on the material being taught to them. The common good in this scenario comes as a result of Ms. Taylor’s ability to enhance the students’ experience as well as her ability to explain the material with the help of the grammar application she allows them to use. A counterargument to this approach may include reasons such as the inability to appease all of the parties involved in the scenario and the introduction of a “free-rider” issue. Because today’s society is a very diverse and complicated one, it is the norm that different people want different things considering all of the options presented to society. In terms of using cell phones in class, this might open a gateway to other technologies that some students want to use but others may not be able to afford. Some students also might not be accustomed to using their cell phones for academic purposes leading to a gap in the learning ability within the classroom.

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