Ethical Dilemma In Nursing Case Study

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As nurses we will face numerous dilemma or conflicts in the line of duty. Dilema can come in various form for a nurse, be it from family or between colleagues and supervisors. To handle such situation, there have to be a framework of ethics and law that have to be considered before any decisions are made. According to (Hall, 1996, p.2), “Good nursing practice is good ethics is good law”. With this statement in mind, one can practice with confidence as what they do is within the guideline of ethics and legal under the eye of the law. An example of a dilemma in a clinical setting would be in the decision making process of a patient who is unconcious. Sometimes the physician want the best for the patient but the family thinks otherwise or vice versa. This will be explored in the essay on the proper way to handle such dilemma if faced by a nurse.

As illustrated in Appendix A, this case scenario involves establishing the mental capacity of a particular patient according to the Mental Capacity Act. The basic principles in guiding ethical dilema will also be discussed that is autonomy, beneficence, normalificience and justice.

In Singapore, patients are protected with an act called “Mental Capacity Act”. This act explains that one shall be assume
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What this means is that the patient have the rights to be informed regarding his treatment options so as he can make the right decision for himself. As the nurse in charge of the patient, one should also provide the patient with additional information if required by the patient at any cost. The nurse in charge should also respect the patient’s decision to accept or refuse any care or treatment. For this instance in the case scenario, nurse Tan should informed the patient about the decision made by the primary team and not keep it to himself. Indirectly nurse tan have violated the ethical value of non-malificence to his

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