Cause And Effect Essay: Why Do People Get Bullied?

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There are multiple reasons why someone bullies and why someone gets bullied. It’s very common to see bullying occur in public schools mostly, and although many notice it, they don’t commit to fully ending it in their schools. In “Why do People Bully,” an explanation is given as to why teenagers who bully do what they do. In order to gain attention from others, they decide to hurt people who they think are weaker than them and feel they have superiority over. Coming from broken homes or constantly having to face personal problems can cause someone to treat others in a negative way. “Families that are not warm and loving and in which feelings are not shared are more likely to have children who bully,” either within the family home or in other …show more content…
It’s not always what they show in the outside that “More often than not, kids are bullied for being gay. Almost any type of physical characteristic that is different or unique can attract the attention of bullies.” The physical features that a person shows is the primary reason why they are bullied. . It doesn’t matter if they are popular or not, when they get the attention of a bully it’s for different reasons. Being bullied makes a person feel of less worth and makes them make decisions that would hurt them or others. If a person gets bullied because of their sexual orientation, they risk growing up and suffering the most from mental health issues. This means they can go into depression, or even think about hurting themselves because they may not see their worth after all the bullying. In “Violence in the Home Leads to Higher Rates of Childhood Bullying” children “learn from seeing what their primary

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