Get That Freak Book Report

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Get that freak is a very eye opening book to ready. The authors Haskell and Brian do a great job in showing the life an LGBTQ member in today’s high school. Having real students talk about their experiences, good and bad had a significant impact on the book. I feel as though the purpose of this book was to reiterate that a person is a person, whether they like the same sex, different, both, or even neither. Hearing from these students creates a more real feeling for the audience. Some can say a more sympathetic feeling comes over them as they read the raw events the LGBTQ members encountered. Throughout the novel, there are many different scenarios that when reading take your breath away. There is always talk about bullying in high school, …show more content…
In a recent study, 73 percent of LGBTQ students felt unsafe in at least one place in school, compared to the 43 percent of heterosexual students2. The fact that some people cannot go to school and feel safe because of their sexual orientation is an obvious problem. At the beginning of this novel Haskell and Branch mention that students in the early grades have already complied an understanding or misunderstanding of what it means to be queer in a heterosexist society3. Having young children already have an idea of what they think being queer is, is a problem. They were most likely told about this from their parents or the media4. Many adults are very uneducated when it comes to transsexual and homosexuality. This then gets passed down to their children and can result in the HTP bullying we are seeing so often. Children are so immune to listen to their parents that when they say “Queers are bad people” or “Never become a queer”, they listen to that. Their children aren’t getting educated early enough on LGBTQ, and when they finally do some have very harsh views on those members. Having students introduced to HTP bullying and its effects earlier in life would help diminish the homophobia and transphobia that is happening today. Being introduced to LGBTQ earlier in life has many benefits. The children will understand what it means to be queer, there is a less chance that someone is to become an HTP bully if they were introduced at a younger age, and knowing how to deal with a friend or peer that “comes out of the closet”. There are so many benefits to having LGBTQ introduced at an earlier age. There are very minimal and pointless reasons that there is no introduction to the LGBT at an

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