Essay On Trophy Hunting

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What is Trophy Hunting?
Hunting is the activity of chasing and killing wild animals or game, especially for food or sport . “Trophy hunting ,” specifically, is a form of hunting in which the hunter’s explicit goal is to obtain the hunted animal’s carcass or body part, such as the head or hide, as a trophy that represents the success of the hunt. Trophy hunting is legal in certain areas with the proper permits, with the proper permits, and must be differentiated from poaching , which is the illegal take of game, though similarly can be done for acquisition of coveted parts or products from the target species.

What is Canned Hunting?
Canned hunting, also referred to as captive hunting, is the act of “hunting” captive wildlife, usually in high-fenced
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Soon thereafter in 1892, Rowland Ward, a natural history enthusiast from London, created the Horn Measurements and Weights of the Great Game of the World, the first of its kind to record trophies . The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) established the CIC trophy formula in 1930 .

All three of these systems focus on comparative analysis and the achievements of individual trophy hunters. Each of these three record books also have or are contemplating requiring trophy owners who wish to enter the records to sign an affidavit confirming that the trophy was taken under “Fair Chase.” In the mid-1970s, Safari Club International established its own international record book, accessible only to its members .

The development of record books and record keeping systems does not merely record kills. Itis evidence of the rising popularity of trophy hunting over time. It is important to note that although species population and biology information can be gathered from the traditional trophy recording books, only a limited amount of value should be used to judge important biological parameters. Important information could be learned and extrapolated from precise animal hunting records if the data set were complete, precise, and honest. However, trophy hunting is not a random process and the data do not represent random sampling

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