Persuasive Essay: Should Students Grade Their Teachers

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Every person on this earth is seduced to the thirst of judgment regarding another individual. Asking the most judgmental people in the world, (teens), to judge someone. Your request will come to appliance. Teenagers and students are some off the most judgmental people in the world. Judging a teacher is what student’s specify in, but they judge them in the wrong way. Students don’t have the maturity to judge a teacher on a true scale, but in a sense of their personality and the amount of work they give, rather than their true ability to teach. Teachers should be evaluated by the schools administration. Teachers shouldn’t get their pay scale from the students’ grades and test scores; for if a student doesn’t want to put in any effort toward his work at all, it wouldn’t be …show more content…
Asking a student to judge the teacher is a different level of judgement than what individuals might think. Students would grade a teacher more harshly for the amount of work they give and for their personality in regard to them, rather than, their true teaching ability. "Students can be fickle, and the comments reflect that – one day a teacher is loved, and on the next, reviled, maybe because of a pop quiz or a poor grade." -Should Students Grade Their Teachers, by Cindy Long.? Resulting in the fact that students shouldn't rate their teachers. These teachers work hard to educate their students. It isn't the teacher’s fault that the student is unprepared for class, and lacks the motivation to study. "The bad news is that students often conflate good instruction with pleasant ambience and low expectations. As a result they also reward instructors who grade easily, require less work, are glib and chatty, wear nice clothes, and are physically attractive… Plus students will penalize demanding professors or professors who have given them a bad grade, regardless of the quality of instruction that a professor

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