Essay On Recruitment And Selection

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The recruiting, selection and retention of new employees can be broken down into several strategies for each.
First the strategies for successful recruitment of new employees; friendliness, eagerness, knowledge of the company are all key to enticing applicants to want to join your company. Friendliness is first because no applicant wants to join a firm or business that appears to be full of unpleasant people, so a big smile a dapper appearance are necessities. Second, eagerness is the way you talk about your job and why it excites you. Just like when it comes to classes at a University or anything in life, if you feel as though you may fall asleep within one minute of listening to the person speaking your interest will completely vanish. It
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Selection can be different from company to company but there are some key things to look into that may help with retention and growing the business. Firstly, as mentioned above, the potential employees should be a good face for the company and have qualities that would imply they would be good recruiters. Secondly ambition, it is important to select candidates that are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Even at a minimum wage job, it is pivotal that you select employees that do not use that as a crutch, meaning they don’t say things such as “I don’t get paid enough to do that”. Lastly leadership and the ability to be lead, when the time comes you need people to be able to step up and lead others when times get tough and you also need those employees to be able to be lead. One day you will have people retire and you will need to fill those open spots. It is a much smoother transition when you can promote someone to a management job than it is to hire someone new into that role. Having employees who are ambitious and want to move up in the company is crucial when jobs open …show more content…
Five examples of good interview questions that would be good to ask these applicants could be; 1. Why did you decided to apply for this position? 2. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? 3. Describe a time where you when above and beyond the call of duty. 4. What are some things that you feel as though has helped prepared you for this job. 5. Why do you think we should choose you for this job. You should choose questions that will help you see who the candidate is at their core and choose questions that will lead to further discussions. Avoid asking “yes or no” questions. There are also things that you should never ask or be asked in an interview. 1. Never asked the interviewer how much they make in regards to pay. It can be seen as highly offensive or rude. 2. Never ask the interviewee or the interviewer what their political or religious beliefs are. These are two things you should probably not ask anyone unless you know they personally. 3. Do not ask for any sexual favors. This can be the quickest way to either lose the job or lose your job depending on who asks. 4. Never ask about the interviewer what the company does. If you have made it to the interview stage of the selection process you should know what the company does and have a solid idea of exactly

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