Essay On Pollution And Globalization

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Gaining Clarity: Industrialization Breaking the Gridlock between Pollution and Globalization

Scientist since the 1800s have researched and found connections between the earth’s atmosphere and the rising temperature of the earth. There are still those who do not trust the science behind global warming, and debate whether global warming is a scientific fact. However, the rise of carbon dioxide emissions cannot be debated. These emissions and a number of other things are combined in to the commonly referred term of pollution. It’s a frightening thought that the pollution of the earth has been normalized to the point that it is seen purely as unavoidable to stop. A current problem, often connected to globalization, is the growth of pollution.
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Globalization for all intents and purposes will be used as the exchange of ideas, views, and goods internationally. This is so that globalization can be viewed separate from the actual cause of pollution and not falsely connected to a variable that in reality is controlled by another factor. What will be meant when the word industrialization is used later on is the development of industries and the advancement to the extensive usage of factories and manufacturing plants. This definition is focusing on the modern use of the term and not the beginning of industrialization as this is a current issue and must be addressed as …show more content…
Globalization is the facilitator of the ideas that has made industrialization a widespread issue across the globe. Industrialization and the shift from agricultural farms to factories is a better way to look at the issue of pollution. After the industrial revolution too place globalization is the reason it was spread and why there are factories around the world manufacturing everything from cars to cell phones. This though misses the true cause of pollution as said before is industrialization, yes globalization factors in to increasing pollution but is not the ultimate source of

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