Analysis Of Killer Smog By Lauren Tarshis

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Natural disasters strike at any moment and cause egregious damage to property and lives of loved ones. Many storms are loud and can be heard from a mile away. Something about this storm was unusual and couldn’t be seen. Over the past days, thousands of people were dead and many more were yet to arrive. The killer poison snuck underneath doors and through keyholes, and entrapping the victims in their own safety of their house. The murderer was so sneaky people went to sleep and never woke up, and if they did, it was to the sound of people coughing and hacking in the middle of the night. In the story, “Killer Smog” by Lauren Tarshis, killer smog has devastated thousands of people living in London at the time. The smog was so dense and thick the people couldn’t even drive to work or go to school. In the …show more content…
The smog in China is an environmental state of emergency as poisonous air quality prompted the government to close school, force drivers of the road, and shut down factories. The air has become so contaminated, the people had to stay home with their children, as Beijing’s 3,200 schools were ordered to close several days. In the sub-section, “Paying the Price”, it explains, “Air pollution is a huge problem that we ignored early on, while we concentrated on economic development,” This shows how the people living in China were so concentrated on only economic development that they forgot about the environment they are currently living in. Also in sub-section, “Paying The Price”, it says, …my child many have a very negative view of nature” This shows how the smog is getting worse that they could be no way to stop it if they don’t take action. Also how the smog is negatively impacting the lives of people in China. As a result, this shows how the smog in Beijing is getting worse and is declining rapidly because of the

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