Personal Narrative: Jesus Loves Me

Basically since I was old enough to be taken out of our house, I went to church with my family. I learned all of the Bible stories, and I could sing “Jesus Loves Me” pretty well. About a month before I turned 6, I was staying with a family friend while my parents were at work. When we were doing devotion time, Joy (the family friend) introduced me to man named Jesus. She told me that he was a forever friend that could live in my heart. When I went home that day, I told my parents that I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. My father and I talked for a long time. I was a pretty articulate little girl, so he just asked me a bunch of questions to be sure I knew what I was saying. That day, I prayed with my dad that Jesus would be my Lord and Savior. …show more content…
I worked really hard to live the perfect Christian life. Sometimes at our morning devotion, my dad would tell us that he wanted us to bring a friend to church. Or he wanted us to talk to someone about Jesus that day. Or he would check to see if we all prayed before lunch. My dad really wanted his children to love the Lord and be his disciples. None of what he told us to do was bad, but I didn’t see all of these things I was doing as work for the Lord. I saw it as work to please my dad. I wanted God to love me and I wanted to be a good Christian, and I measured that by pleasing my earthly father. I always felt a sense of heaviness and burden from my responsibility to spread God’s word. I felt the need to appear perfect. I needed to show God that I loved him enough to tell my friends about him, but more importantly, I needed to show my dad that I loved God enough to tell my friends about him. My life was a constant struggle of trying to live a perfect godly life, never get in trouble, and please my

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