Essay On Importance Of Classroom Management

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Importance of Classroom Management Effective classroom management directly relates to academic achievement. Students have a clear ownership and understanding of classroom rules, daily schedule, and reward system. I invite my 2nd grade class to assist in creating some of the classroom procedures, consequences, and rewards in order to give them a sense of control of their learning environment. This is known as a democratic classroom design which was developed by John Dewey. An online article, Only A Teacher, stated Dewey believed education should relate to students’ lives and by actively learning through practical life skills is important to children’s education. (Only A Teacher) I believe this helps faster critical thinking and higher …show more content…
A common problem within younger grades is students talking out or shouting out answers. As a class we will have established what is expected. I believe some behavior can be ignored and redirected without any verbal communication. As an initial warning I would ignore the student talking out of place and call on a student that is sitting quietly with their hand raised. If this does not remind the student of how we should participate in class I will use the established hand gesture for being quiet. Establishing a gesture for many things like being quiet or even a student needing to use the restroom keeps the room quiet but still allows for short communication. If my student still fails to see that he/she is speaking out of turn a click down will be needed and we will discuss the rules on their time. Another behavior area in young children is the attention seeking. Students will seek attention in positive and negative ways. This would not be a rule set in class but a behavior I will have to watch for and understand as an educator. Determining why the student is acting the way he/she is and why attention is desired will be important in alleviating it. Establishing clear expectations and boundaries will be helpful. I believe it is important to find time to praise the student for behavior I expect. This can be done in simple ways like a pat on the shoulder or eye contact with a smile when sitting quietly focused on my lesson. When the child is seeking inappropriate attention I will redirect the child in a neutral manner to the task. Through positive reinforcement I hope to teach the student he/she is important to the whole

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