Persuasive Essay On Guns Are Bad

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We both reached a plateau of physical development. Our training routine had morphed away from building raw strength and agility. Although the workouts continue, our emphasis is now on sharpening weapons skills. Weapons are my forte, and I was in my element. I love the utility of a sabre, I am fair with archery and as for guns, well, let 's just say I 'm in favor of them. Guns are equalizers. Gun Control means having one in your hands when needed and hitting what you intend.
I am not a weak person, but I am small. I refuse to be a victim, whether the threat is a dangerous animal, or a dangerous human. Weapons are not dangerous. I go armed whenever possible even when others might disapprove.

Concealed carry my ass!

If you see a gun on my hip, know there will be at
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They just believe that only they – the reliable, honest, moral and virtuous – should have guns.

When only the elite have guns, by definition you create an entire class of unarmed victims. Unarmed prey for any predator, four legs or two, armed or not.

There is no such thing as gun control. There is only the forced centralization of gun ownership into the hands of the elite. History has shown us how that works out, time and time again. Wholesale slaughter of unarmed and unresistant populations has followed time and again. Elitist politicians are far more dangerous than guns can ever be. Take a look at the record of 20th Century Earth some time.

The Fur-people do not have elitist politicians. But they do not have guns either, and they do have dinosaurs.

Stapleya and Wisceya decided they liked guns. They could not get enough time on the gun range. They soon became proficient with every firearm available to us. I think Stapleya had an orgasm the first time she fired the Magnum BFR. Despite the unwieldy heft and the mule-like kick from the recoil, I think she was in love. But then I knew she liked em big! If her people had such tools they would not live in fear of

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