Abortion In Islam Essay

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Oanh Van
PHL 3670
Final essay
[girl’sname] is a Muslim woman, and she wants to have an abortion. She considers her religion to be the defining aspect of life; she is an active member of the community, particularly in the area of women’s role in family and child nurturing. She plans on having as many children as God’s Will. And there she is, pregnant with her first precious baby after years married the love of her life. God knows how much pressure she had been enduring through both families’ doubt on her fertility over the course 2 years after her first miscarriage. Finally after all effort, she became pregnant at a time when a baby would be very rewarding; both physically and emotionally. She finally got affirmative welcomes from her in-laws.
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She was raised in the most liberal of the schools, which allows abortion at any time before 120 days after conception. That leaves her up to a week away from the stage of ensoulment – where the soul enters the fetus, by the standards of classical Muslim jurists. However, after scrutinizing what the Qur’an, hadith, Islamic schools of thought and modern-day scholars have to say about abortion, the last man stands on her way of taking the process is her husband. She was prepared to deal with the potentially harsh criticism and judgment any woman would get in this cruel decision, but she never imagined to face Jonathan, who had always been a supportive husband; but definitely not in this …show more content…
His mother, who is also his best friend who he can share anything with, soon strikes up a conversation with him, and Jonathan talks openly about being a good provider and an engaged father. To his mother’s stunned expression, he secretly confesses about the situation, and that he felt powerless to stop his wife from seeking an abortion. She gently explained to Jonathan that he must have the courage to advocate for his child. Instead of abdicating his role as the father, he must embrace it and fight for the life of his

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