Fetal Tissue Transplantation Analysis

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In this article it is stating people’s opinions and the outcomes of fetal tissue transplantation. Fetal Tissue Transplantation involves someone having an abortion to help someone who has been suffering from degenerative diseases, which for example can be Parkinson’s disease, Alziemhers or even diabetes. They express this transplantation as an experimental process. There hasn’t been very many of these transplants done in the United States. The people that choose to abort their fetus and donate the fetus tissue doesn’t get paid for having this procedure done. They have to actually pay to get the abortion and to donate. People who are having abortions, they want them to donate their fetal tissues to people that have some type of degenerate …show more content…
They say that this tissue transplant isn’t a gift. They don’t see it as a gift if you abort a fetus. It wouldn’t be a gift to the patient if you had to abort your unborn child to give them your fetal tissue. It’s not seen as you being a donor if you abort your fetus for someone. It would be seen more as a donor if you had a miscarriage and then donated what they could get out of all the tissues. They say donating tissue helps the women feel less guilty when they have the abortion that’s why they have more women doing it. In my opinion, I don’t think this should be legal. I don’t even think abortion should be legal, although everyone has their own opinions. I don’t think that the fetus should be treated as just a tissue to help someone. On the other hand I could see if someone had a miscarriage and them donating the rest of the remaining tissue to someone. I don’t see that being bad, but I do see people just have abortions to help someone not be in pain shouldn’t be how to handle things. You are ruining an unborn fetus before it can even experience human life basically. I see that it helps someone not be in pain and live their happy life, whether they be young or old but I just think it is wrong to abort the fetus before …show more content…
Ruining a life to help a life isn’t the way it should be done, in my opinion. I think it would probably be much cheaper in the long run to get the dopamine from the adrenal glands rather that doing another procedure on another person and aborting and unborn child. They state that it is more of a victim than a donor when you have an abortion. I agree with that one hundred percent. I think it is sad that we live in a society that has this available in the United States. I have never even heard of this until I read this article and I was honestly blown away by it. The only way this should be legal in my opinion is if someone had a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancies should be the only ones that should even be available for the donation of fetal tissue. Although they may not get much tissue out of it I still think it is better than not letting an unborn child not live life. I honestly wouldn’t care what the circumstances where. I just can’t stand to see someone want to abort their baby when there are so many women in this world that would love to adopt and love on your child that you couldn’t raise. Honestly I think abortion is considered by women on how they were raised

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