Essay On Cultural Myth

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So one day I am with my friend Kelvin and he looks at me and tells me you better start going to the gym if you wish to get some girls. When he said that I was stupefied, not because of the reasons you might think. I was baffled by those words because I had heard them before from my oldest brother who goes to the gym a lot. I honestly have never been to the gym and don’t find the point in going. But when two people tell you that you have to in order to get more girls you start to wonder if what they say is true. So I did some research and honestly, I didn’t find anything to support what they said. But I still decided to go to the gym to see how the place is. As soon as I walk in with Kelvin he points at these different dudes he knows and says: “This dude gets so many girls its ridiculous” and I’m like okay fun fact. I still couldn’t believe that the gym could be the cause of …show more content…
From that definition I can gather that a cultural myth is basically a lie that people believe because it's everywhere. When you see any kind of TV shows most of the boys are buff and all of them have a six pack. When you see a movie all of the young gentleman have six packs. All the tabloids talk about these amazing guys (important to recognize they’re buff). People think that this love with having the perfect body only affects girls but it also affects us. My brother, one time almost ruined his liver taking protein trying to get buff at the gym. Also one time lifting more than he could, in order to get a better body, my brother broke his back for about a week. Every day you see more adult males putting things into their bodies that could kill them, just to have gigantic muscles. People just don’t see it because we don’t really show it, but it affects us. I am not saying it affects me, I honestly don’t care if I’m buff or not, I like me the way I

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