Ancient American Culture Essay

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The world before the 1500’s had many obvious problems and inefficient ways that we find quite simple in today’s modern times. Communication is the most noticeable one. Messages from far lands could take months to deliver. By the time a voyage is completed, many events have happened. In today’s society, one could find information on the internet in seconds from the opposite end of the planet. Huge problems arose in the previous centuries making fallacies and assumptions of foreign lands. Many of them were completely false because of popular tales from men that buildup their expeditions more than it was for propaganda. Many men have false credits of foreign lands that has not even seen the land. Here’s a few examples of these famous men whom …show more content…
He believed, like the rest of the world, that the world is flat. He got most of his information from stories of merchants as well. He depicted the lands of India were scorching hot--so hot that people do not wear clothes. People that do wear clothes in India are scorned because of Adam and Eve’s shame from God when they realized they were naked. He depicts the people as cannibals preferring human flesh over meats, fish, and grains. The astronomy is also different. The Transmontane Star is not viewable in their lands, but the Antarctic Star is. A myth of a promised redeemer named Prester John was born from rumors of distant Christian cultures. Sir John made these stories up, but his beliefs were of popular assumptions of the people of Eastern Europe. That’s how they all depicted foreign lands.
A woodcut of the Book of Nature illustrates 9 naked women and one clothed one drinking water from a fountain. The fantastic women were naked because of a common myth. It states that if a woman is pregnant and naked, she should drink water from a fountain in mythical Arcadia to prevent miscarriage. I believe the message of the picture ties with purification of the woman’s body. Christians believe that a baptized person has washed away his or her sins. The woodcut from the Book of Nature links with Mandeville’s tales, because of the acceptance of

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