Dramaturgical Theorist Essay

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Being a dramaturgical theorist studying gym behavior would give one many interesting subjects and possible things to study. By simply looking at the stereotypes associated with gym culture, you could see them as one huge performance. The best, and most widely known example of this “performance” would be the men from the show Jersey Shore. Ever since Jersey Shore had been popularized I personally, have seen a rise in “gym going.” Going to the gym to these men gives them a sense of prestige and dignity, otherwise known as Face. If I were a dramaturgical theorist, I would want to explore why and how it is that men when at the scene of the gym feel the need to save face, as the men on Jersey Shore feel the need to. However, that is very broad. My focus would be more so on the “scripts” used amongst the “actors.” Physically being at the gym does not make it necessary for everything you do to be about the gym, but that seems to be the case. When I have gone to the gym I have noticed every time you speak to someone you don’t already know, there questions are directed towards your capabilities. By this I mean questions such as; how much can you lift? How many reps do you do? This may simply be a way to relate to one another due to a lack of any other knowledge, however I do not believe that is the case. I …show more content…
A confederate I hired to play the role of fellow “gym goer” would begin conversations with other men in the gym in the stereotypical ways I have mention earlier. Following a strict but, fluidly changing script to see if the men take to his obviously stereotypical conversation and continue it, or change subjects. Although this experiment does not have very strict guidelines it is very useful to a dramaturgical theorist. It would be useful because it would let them see whether or not the men speak in this way to relate to one another or only to save

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