Cherokee Indian Culture Essay

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“Cherokee blood, if not destroyed, will win it’s course in beings of fair complexions, who will read that their ancestors became civilized under the frowns of misfortune, and the causes of their enemies.” This quote is a prime example of the hardships that the Cherokees had to endure and live with. The Cherokees are of Iroquoian decent and they are one of the five tribes that had settled in Southeast America. They were known as being the most culturally and socially advanced in the 19th century and they are also remembered by the Trail of Tears. This Native American tribe had quite a background being in the way that they lived, their culture, and the tough times they were put through. It is a well-known myth that the Cherokees lived in teepees …show more content…
The women had much more detailed clothing compared to what the men wore. The men had very unembellished clothing. During the warm weather, they wore clothing created out of deer hide and protected their feet with the now famous shoes called moccasins. During the cold season, they would put fur in the moccasins to keep their feet warm. Since it was so cold, they would switch from simple clothing to clothing that had fur in the inside and items that covered body more like leggings and robes. The women wore shirts that were made out of deer skin and shirts that were very loose during the summer months. Similar to many cultures, they would have certain jewelry or decorations on their clothing to signify what their social position was. The women were known for mostly wearing the Tear Dress. It was designed with circles and triangles all over it and was mainly seen worn during The Trail of Tears. The Cherokees were truly experts at making different tools and weapons. They made fighting weapons, hunting weapons, and other tools that were vital to them. The types of hunting weapons that they made were blowguns, spears and bows and arrows. The fighting weapons were guns and axes, more arrows, and tomahawks which is a light ax. Various tools they used everyday were knives, shovels, stone adzes (tool similar to a hammer), and fish hooks that were assembled out of sticks and

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