Trail Of Tears Essay

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“Cherokee blood, if not destroyed, will win it’s course in beings of fair complexions, who will read that their ancestors became civilized under the frowns of misfortune, and the causes of their enemies.” This quote is a prime example of the hardships that the Cherokees had to endure and live with. The Cherokees are of Iroquoian decent and they are one of the five tribes that had settled in Southeast America. They were known as being the most culturally and socially advanced in the 19th century and they are also remembered by the Trail of Tears. This Native American tribe had quite a background being in the way that they lived, their culture, and the tough times they were put through. It is a well-known myth that the Cherokees lived in teepees …show more content…
According to, approximately 16,000 Cherokees were removed between 1836 and 1839, and about 4,000 were perished. In July of 1838 before the actual Trail of Tears started, the military imprisoned about 13,000 Cherokees and 1500 died. Then October came and the Trail of Tears began. Some of the Cherokees felt they needed to stay and fight for their land and others thought it would be better to just leave so they split up. President Van Buren was upset because the Cherokees weren’t leaving and therefore he sent his General Winfield Scott and his soldiers to remove the Cherokees out their home. They made these Indians travel up to 1,200 miles and they treated this tribe terrible. They would not feed them or help them and that’s how certain diseases and illnesses occurred such as starvation, whooping cough, cholera, and typhus. Out of all 16,000 indians, 5,000 died along the way. They reached the new territory that was given to the Cherokees by 1840. The Cherokees were promised that their land would not be taken away from them again but it eventually was and by 1907, the state of Oklahoma was no longer Indian

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