Essay On The Value Of A College Education

Many high school students question whether or not they should attend a college to gain a higher education. For most careers a college degree is an expectation many employers will look for in an employee. However, it is true that not all careers require a college education and those looking into these careers should see if they need to attend a college or university, or if they can simply learn from an apprenticeship or through other inexpensive means. Despite this, the main issue concerning college is the cost. Many simply cannot afford to better themselves through a college education. But for those that can pay back their loans, the value of a college education far exceeds the costs.
The main concern most individuals have when looking into
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Most businesses today still look for employees that have a bachelor’s or higher in a field that is pertaining and useful to their company. This being said, some careers will even require a college degree, and will be impossible to work in without one. Some major examples of this are nursing, teaching, and some forms of higher-skilled engineering, these careers will require a college degree and some will even require a continual form of education to stay employed. Those who go into these more complex careers will generally be more successful because they can get jobs in many states if they would need to move (there are obviously some exceptions when it comes to certain state policies). Individuals opposed to spending money on college might think that college is unnecessary to become successful, but nowhere did I say high school dropouts or high school graduates had no chance of success. It all depends on the person and the choices they decide to make after high

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