What Are The Benefits Of School Uniforms

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In an article, “What Are the Benefits of School Uniforms?”, Charlotte Hands stated the school uniforms can improve students’ behaviors. She reveals a study conducted by Youngstown State University says that schools with uniform policies had higher graduation and attendance rates. I personally grew up with uniforms in school. I support the idea that uniforms enhance school pride and unity in students. I think schools should also put their logo on uniforms, which could make students proud of their school. For example, a lot of sports teams and universities print their logo on T-shirt. Another advantage of school uniforms is that it can improve the sense of unity among students. Stephanie stated that “according to research by Oxford Brookes University, supporters of uniform insist that it improves behavior and builds community spirit. Pupils enjoy the sense of pride they get from wearing a smart uniform, and the smarter the better.” Wearing uniforms present that we are part of the organization. Students can develop team spirit by wearing the same uniforms. The author claims that uniforms make student’s life less stressful and minimizes the time to get …show more content…
I believe that uniforms have a positive impact on student’s behavior. According to Gail Connelly, executive director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, “we know that a school uniform policy can help reduce instances of classroom discipline and bullying, as well as improve student safety and attendance. The use of school uniforms, whether in public or private schools, has a powerful influence on school culture in ways that contribute to greater levels of student achievement.” If students are wearing school uniforms to school every day, they are developing compliance awareness. Following directions by teachers and obeying school rules have been important for students to be academically

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