Essay On Abortion Issues

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Abortion Issues

Abortion is a very controversial matter that has been incessantly debated over for the past few years and possibly several years to come. The main controversy here is, about abortion and why are women allowed to have them. To begin with we must first define abortion, before we get into the many sides of this subject. Abortion is the death of the fetus or unborn baby while the baby is still inside the woman’s uterus. This practice is capable of being performed by almost anyone, from the mother herself, too backstreet abortions and abortion specialized clinics established for this use. There are two groups to this abortion issue one is the “pro-life,” who are against abortion altogether and the “pro-choice,” who think
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Some of these people are called the “pro-life supporters,” their basic function is to support the life of the unborn child instead of the woman’s right to choose. The pro-life answer is to have the child no matter what the consequences. They do not believe abortion is the answer under any circumstances. They say it is murder of a life that does not have a voice to protect itself. The pro-life supporter’s main reason for not supporting abortion is because they consider it is a sin against creation or God. Another issue is that abortion is a dangerous procedure that could result in the mother’s death. Pro-life groups are certain other choices exists besides abortion. As in, adoption is another alternative instead of having an abortion. There are still many others that would love women to have unwanted children. Like people who support pro-life act as if a woman has sex, then she should be a held accountable if she gets pregnant. Pro-life supporters are opposed to any killing of any kind and believe they would have no problem finding a home for an unwanted baby instead of aborting it. Numerous followers of pro-life believe she is deciding something that only God should decide for …show more content…
That she does not have to give birth just because she gets pregnant. Groups such as Human Life International (HLI), and The Christian Coalition, defend the rights of the unborn baby. The other side of this discussion, is known as pro-choice. A promoter of pro-choice encourages the woman’s right to choose and the babies’ life is secondary. The key dispute of “pro-choice advocates,” is that women ought to have the right to choose what happens to their own bodies. The pro-choice view is that abortion is a way of ending an unwanted pregnancy if the mother so chooses. Conversely, apart from the clear question of whether it is a woman’s right to choose, pro-choice backers also like to mention the idea of a dangerous birth. Suggesting that there are cases where giving birth could injure or even kill the mother, some be compelled to suggest an abortion. In such cases pro-choice supporters may feel that abortion is the answer. It seems unreasonable to various women overall, when a woman could be made to have a baby that happened out of a rape or incest. Nevertheless, the main emphasis of pro-choice is not really any these issues, it is the right to

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