Abortion: Pro-Life, Pro Choice, And No-Choice

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About 47,000 women die from unsafe abortions in a year and many of these are children and teenagers. Abortion issues have become a bigger and bigger issue with both sides of the argument growing stronger. Pro-Life, Pro-choice, and No-choice are some ways people divided on the abortion-rights movement. In 2016, there were 30 anti-abortion laws passed in 14 states; not only making it harder for women to get an abortion but also increase the amount of unsafe abortions. Even though abortion is the necessary evil in some cases, it is inhumane to let the fetus start developing into a baby before deciding on abortion.

Pro-Life movement or anti-abortion movement is a group of members that advocate against the practice of abortion and its legality.
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Pro-choice believes that since in the first trimester the fetus cannot exist independently without the mother, it is not a separate human being just merely a part of the mother. They almost suggest that adoption is not a substitute to abort because very few women who choose to give birth do not give up their child for adoption. The question is, is it because the mother realized she doesn’t want to give up the child because the child is a part of her or because there isn’t enough people wanting to adopt her child. Many families that want to adopt have to wait for 1-4 years and if the mother chooses to adopt over abortion, she would give those families a child. Pro-choice also advocates that abortion is a safe procedure, it is not about how safe abortion, but about the fetus(future human) that one is terminating. The ability for women to control their body is basic rights, but when it is about a human being they are depriving a life, it is not about basic right or any kind of rights. Another opinion pro-choice members indicate is that tax dollars that fund abortion give both poor and rich women the same opportunity, the reason why some members of the pro-life community don’t want to pay tax dollars for abortion is because they are against and they do not believe in abortion. Many teenagers who give birth, tend to quit school and a grim prospect of life. Although, many do, many …show more content…
Pro-life position that a human being’s life begins at conception and if someone gets an abortion, it is murder is valid because no one kills an innocent. The believe that the child that is abortion could be the next president or the scientist that cures cancer. This child is not given a chance to become who it wants to be or do the great things in the world. Adoption is a great substitute for mothers who are incapable or unwilling to raise their children, over 1.5 million families are searching for children to adopt while pregnant women are aborting their babies and that is just crude. Although, many of pro-life reasoning are viable, other opinions such as women should take preventers or practice abstinence is the most deranged implement. At the same time, considering that banning abortion would cause more and more unsafe abortions such as coat-hanger abortions. Even one of Rhode Island’s representative Jim Langevin was born disabled due to his mother 's unsuccessful coat-hanger self abortion. In addition to all of these reasoning, tax dollars going to towards funding abortion even though many taxpayers do not support abortion. Ultimately, the best solution for the abortion issue is mixing the reasoning of pro-life and

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