Essay On Abortion Crime

Do you know how many people in the world abort their children? Studies show that abortion had increased by eight percent in the past fifteen years. In 2001 the abortion numbers dropped by five percent going from one thousand and twenty one million abortions in one year to one thousand and fifteen million abortions in a year, but not long after that the abortion numbers started increasing. Because the numbers of aborted children went up, more people were dying and getting hurt. The child that gets aborted dies or course but that also leaves the mother to feel pain after she aborts her own baby. Abortion is a terrible crime that gives people an opportunity to murder their own child. Abortion is not only a crime that people commit or a choice, …show more content…
Abortion can harm both mother and baby, it harms the baby because the baby dies but the mother can be harmed physical, emotional and mentally. The mother can be hurt physically because something can go wrong during the abortion or after the abortion, she can also be harmed emotional because she will feel guilt and grief over the baby that died in her womb. Abortion can haunt you for a long time as mother because you will feel guilty and it will hurt you because you know you committed a crime. In some cases woman life are lost during or after abortion. “Real-life stories demonstrate again and again that abortion harms women. Harm comes in a variety of forms – mental, emotional, relational, and physical – and in some cases, women’s lives are lost through abortion. They can also experience the loss of their fertility or an increase in miscarriages after an abortion.“ Mothers can also experience the loss of their fertility or an increase in miscarriages after an abortion which means they might not be able to have children anymore after the abortion. A lot of mother experience mental stress and depression after abortion because they know that what they have done is bad but they can no longer take it back. ”Most couples experience feelings of loss after an abortion even if the pregnancy was not suspected or planned, says Leifer. Grief over the loss may last longer than you expect. The thoughts of

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