Gay Rights-What's Wrong With Being Happy?

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Tarynne Poe
Mrs. Dewhirst
Language Arts III
February _,2016

Gay Rights--What’s wrong with Being Happy?
“The only difference between my gay friends and I [sic] is who we choose to love (“Pink Quotes”).Homosexuals should be able to have the same rights as heterosexuals do.
Gay marriage has been widely discussed over the years. It’s been considered taboo for centuries but is now gaining acceptance from people. As of 2014, there were currently 37 states that legalized gay marriage, but the issue is now being debated at a federal level. If people had once been asked if the government should legalize gay marriage, many would say “yes”, but there are still some people who disagree (“Gay Marriage”).
“Equal protection” says the
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They say gay marriage confuses the children about gender roles and the expectations of society and that only a male and female can pro-create. According to opponents of same-sex marriages, having a dad and mom is better than having two moms or two dads( “Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legal?”). There are some main arguments that people use against legalizing gay marriage. Many people bring up the fact that homosexuals can’t produce. Another huge argument is that same-sex marriage is against the Bible and a huge sin. Some people say that this type of marriage would put people in a “slippery slope” toward legalizing polygamy. Same sex marriage weakens the institution of heterosexual marriage (“Top Six Arguments”). There are many advantages in legalizing same-sex marriages. Taxes would increase. Social security taxes that are withheld from pay checks would also increase. Gay couples would have priority before straight couples in adopting because of their inability to procreate. Custody, child support, and visitation are benefits of marriage if homosexuals were to get married (“Gay Marriage Pros and …show more content…
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