Arguments Against Gay Adoption

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The subject of gay rights has been a hot topic in today’s society causing a heated debate. The homosexual community has faced many obstacles. Recently, an enormous victory in the fight for civil rights was won by the Supreme Court’s ruling that same sex couples have the right to marry. In some states, gays have the right to adopt children, unfortunately, it is not legal in all states for homosexual married couples to adopt children together. The US should lift the laws restricting married homosexual couples from adopting children.
In one child’s experience, an adoption by a gay couple was a blessing. Michael Arden is now 22 years old, but he recalls how he arrived in foster care with his two brothers. When Michael was young, he slowly came
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The naysayers point out that having two same sex parents will confuse children. A study from the University of Cambridge states that same sex parents “do not suffer any disadvantage, and the vast majority are not bullied at school” (Owen). This leads to the following question, should judges shape decisions on where to place children for adoption based on the possibility for bullying? Especially since, most children are teased or bullied at some point in their lives. An expert in the study explains "What I don 't like is when people make assumptions that a certain type of family, such as gay fathers, will be bad for children. The anxieties about the potential negative effect for children of being placed with gay fathers seem to be, from our study, unfounded” (Owen). Brodzinsky argues, a family’s ability to have a positive relationship is more important to a child’s psychological well-being than the genetic relatedness of the children. (Brodzinsky 40). Mallon reports many homosexual fathers described a “deep and abiding desire” to be a father as well as feelings of sadness; these feelings stemmed from the social stigma that surrounds gay men and men in general wanting to become parents. Each man recalls feeling as though there were an unspoken set of standards. These standards implied that if a man, especially a gay man wanted to be a father …show more content…
Despite meeting resistance and controversy along the way, the overall trajectory for lesbian and gay adoption has been toward acceptance and accommodation rather than exclusion”. (Brodzinsky 53)
The gay community has faced many forms of discrimination, including the prevailing thought they are not fit to be parents. Many judges bring personal ideals into the courtroom and put personal beliefs before the well-being of the child. A gay person is just as capable of raising a child as any other person is. Sexual orientation should have no place in the decision of to whom a child should be entrusted to. The US should enact laws to make it more accommodating for homosexuals to adopt

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