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Ali Yuksel
Professor Errico
English 101-06
20 April 2012
Research Paper 1st Draft
What aspects are considered when buying a car today? What aspects were considered when buying a car in the 60’s 70’s 80’s? What has changed for people to consider buying the cars that are being bought today?
Automobiles have been around for quite some time. They have changed in many aspects when compared to cars we have today and cars before the 80’s. A much wider variety of automobiles are available in today’s market than the variety that was available before the 80’s. The popular cars in the past were mainly American origin and had a similar base design. Around the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s many people did not have automobiles like they do
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It also needs to look attractive, and grab the attention from people around it. Car manufacturers have many options for each vehicle they make. A buyer can walk up to a car in a dealership, and have many options for what is under the hood. The same car would most likely be available in a four cylinder a six cylinder or even an 8 cylinder. If a person is looking for a car with that look, and that can be fuel efficient, he or she would most likely go with the four cylinder vehicle. If another buyer is looking for a car with that look, but with more power and muscle, he or she would go with the six or eight cylinder model of that vehicle. We have much more options in today’s market, but even with the many options that car manufacturers offer, these vehicles usually have a down side to them still. (Hennessy, Kathryn, and Beth Landis.)
During the time between the 60’s and the 80’s, when people were buying vehicles, these vehicles didn’t have much of a reputation behind them. There weren’t any sayings such as “GM cars do not last long” or “Ford’s break down easily”. It was the time when these cars had just started being popular, and there wasn’t much history behind them. People didn’t have much feedback about the cars, to give advice for. Back then, there weren’t as many cars on the roads as there are today, so accidents weren’t as common as they are now, back then. Owners or anyone who was seeking to buy a vehicle wasn’t looking to buy a car

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