Essay Against Abortion

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Abortion Abortion is a topic that is widely debated throughout the whole United States. By definition, abortion is the removal of a fetus from a woman 's womb. There are two sides, one side wanting abortion to be legal and one side wanting abortion to be illegal. In simpler terms, pro-life vs. pro-choice. One side is for a child 's life and the other side is for a woman 's choice to decide. Abortion should be outlawed because it 's immoral, most parents regret their decision, and there are families out there wanting to adopt children. First of all, on the religious side, every religion is against abortion. People see life as a gift and everyone has the right to life, even a fetus. The sixth commandment, Exodus 20:13 says “Thou shalt not kill.” …show more content…
We were all once just an embryo. An embryo has rights. “Over 80% of women choose to abort down syndrome babies.” (Day )A child with a disability like down syndrome is still a human being. They have the same right as everyone else. They are no more or less of a human being because of a disability. Marco Rubio says “The truth is, I believe with all my heart that future generations will look back at this era in American history and condemn us.” (Day) This is something to really think about. Today we look back on slavery as something horrible, but back in the day it was just normal. Maybe years from now another generation will look back and say how was this even debatable. We are doing the unthinkable by killing a child. Last of all, abortion is simply immoral. Abortion is killing an unborn child. Its taking away the life of an unborn child. It is not okay to kill a fifteen year old boy or a twenty-two year old woman so it should not be okay to kill a fetus. “Unborn babies are considered human beings by the US government.” (Abortion To the government a fetus is a human being. woman should not be aloud to kill a human being. We create such beautiful babies, but destroy

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