Essay on Equality and Diversity in Childcare

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My name is and I am currently doing a FETAC level 6 Early Childhood Care and Education course. One of the modules is Equality and Diversity in Childcare. For this exercise I will explore equality and diversity concepts as relevant to Irish Society. Analyse approaches to diversity education including, assimilation, multicultural, intercultural and anti-bias. Explore equality and diversity terminology; including prejudice, discrimination, racism, sexism and abelism etc. Examine current legislation on Equality and Diversity, to include Equality Legislation, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. I will examine the role of the
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A Protestant is a bad person because they want to harm and fight all Catholics. These young boys I thought were well informed and I declared my own little war on Protestants in my thoughts and feelings. As I grew up things improved in the north and with the help of my parents explaining the rights and wrongs I calmed down as did my rebel brothers. At a young age I knew and heard the following remarks he kicks with the left foot, he’s an orange man and many other negative remarks about the protestant religion, this was common practise whilst I was growing up in my community and the singing of rebel songs was a must for a good successful night out. A great example of the bias against England was my granny when the Eurovision was on, when Great Britains turn came there were certain profanities hurled at our black and white television and many times over many years I heard her say “I don’t mind if Ireland doesn’t win as long as we beat England”, the same for the Dublin horse show and I as my siblings followed suit its funny and strange to think of how bias we were.

I grew up in a rural setting and didn’t see a lot outside of Wexford for many years. Our neighbour had adopted children one of these children were black, this child was seven years older than me and my older siblings and her were great buddies. The colour of her skin was never an issue and we grew up as close as family. When I was about 10yrs old I went for a day trip to Stillorgan and we were

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