Environmental Issues Of Global Risk Essay

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Global risk is an event that can lead to huge negative impacts on the environment of most countries for a period of more than ten years. Environmental issues have been on the rise has they have been blamed for causing some of the worst problems based on various fields such as social, political and economic effects that are proving difficult to control
(Nelson, 2003). Some key factors that are expected to change due to environmental stress include rise in water level and climate change that will prove difficult to control. Water requirements are expected to change tremendously and push to a percentage of about forty percent. Food is one of the most critical aspects that should be considered to ensure that better results are achieved to get the best result ever seen. Food consumption is expected to increase in order to contain increase in demand of food that is been seen to continue. Activities such as overfishing, deforestation, and poor management of the ecosystem will affect the way people live in their environment. Biodiversity loss is believed to be one because that will lead to loss of important part of the ecosystem causing one of the worst effects ever seen. It is important to have a substantial strategy that can help in finding the best solution for preserving the environment to get the positive results required to come out.
Limited control of the ecosystem problem will seem a major threat that will come to affect the environment on the highest rate that has ever been…

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