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Register to read the introduction… It is a set of documents that outline a company's current and future structure and describes the business strategy. The business architecture is somewhat of a paradox in that it has to provide structure but also has to be flexible enough to accommodate changing requirements.
When creating the business architecture, it's useful to be able to organize the architectural outputs into a coherent structure. This is where a framework can be beneficial – it provides order and structure for the components of your business architecture. There are two widely used frameworks: the Zachman framework and the POLDAT framework.
Zachman framework
The Zachman framework, which is widely used in both private and public organizations, offers a formal, highly structured way of defining intricate systems.
Both complex and comprehensive, the Zachman framework allows the business analyst to not only collect data, but also to organize and analyze it so it can be of value. The Zachman framework has several defining
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The business analyst tracks data and trends, and reports the ROI to the project sponsor and portfolio management team. If it's determined that ROI hasn't been realized, strategic goals may not have been met.
Once the project has been approved, the business analyst will be responsible for performing three more activities. He supports the project by launching the new project, managing the project for value, and tracking project benefits.
During the project launch, a project charter is prepared, a project manager is assigned, and the business analyst also begins to plan the requirements elicitation. Managing the project for value entails ensuring the business case remains valid, using key milestones to update plans, and attending management review meetings.
The final step involves tracking project benefits. Even though once the project has started, the project team will be assigned to new projects, the business analyst still has to measure the return on project investments.
All these activities help the business analyst and the portfolio management team determine if the project was a success, and if not, how project selection can be improved in the future.
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