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This course is designed to help students develop effective written implementation plans for new business ventures. It deals with the critical decisions and actions that entrepreneurs must make in both planning and executing new ventures.

Prerequisites: None.
Corequisites: None.
Other Requirements: Graduate Standing.

Primary Learning Outcomes

Global Goal. To identify and manage the activity sequences in executing plans for new ventures.

Instructional Objectives. Primary learning outcomes are:

• Ability to identify, schedule, and execute the activities needed to create a new business

• Skill at assembling the human, material, financial, and other resources needed for venture initiation

• Capacity to engage in
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The feasibility analysis is an assessment of your team’s ability to create the new venture you are considering. This task is described in detail in Chapter 3 of the textbook. Your team should follow the instructions in Appendix 3.1 on pp. 70-79 to perform your analysis. The document you submit should be 12-20 pages, with the major headings and subheadings shown in Table 3-1 on page 55.

Business Plan. The Business Plan is a 25-35 page document that carefully explains every major aspect of the new business venture. Your business plan should follow the outline suggested by the Table of Contents shown in Figure 4-1 on page 84. Detailed explanations of the various parts of that outline are provided in Chapters 4-10 of the textbook.

Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan describes the actions needed to turn your business plan into an actual business. There are three major sections: (a) Activity List, (b) PERT Chart, and (c) Assessment Plan. For the PERT Chart, you should follow the guidelines provided in the materials listed above from Additional instructions will be provided on Blackboard.

Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan details the long-term directions that the new venture will pursue once it is established. This is a 12-20 page document addressing such issues as the firm’s mission, customer

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