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Reflective Essay College so far has not been as bad as I thought it would be, my teachers are nice, my courses have not been too difficult, and I actually enjoy it. My classes this semester especially have not been too hard, but are still challenging. One class in particular is English 102, I face many new concepts but each seem to be engaging and easy to work with. All in all, English 102 has been enjoyable, I learned how to research sources, cite sources, and was introduced to many ways to use sources in context with each other.
To start off with, I knew that the majority of the course was finding sources and writing research papers, but I was not expecting all the assignments to build off of each other. I think that the course ended up
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All the previous work: finding sources, explaining sources, and putting them in conversation with one another, lead up to this final paper that was basically a mixture of everything and an argument. For me, I started with my conversation synthesis and just built off of the points I made in it. I rearranged the order it was in, added a thesis, more supporting evidence, my opinion and ended up with my rough draft. I then went through and added even more supporting evidence from new sources to help make it flow. I was not really sure about how to incorporate a counter argument into “Why there needs to be change in media and society”, so I went back through my opposing sources and found a source that directly disagrees with media having any part of the negative effects media causes and decided that it was perfect. If I had to give myself a grade over this paper, I would probably give myself a solid B. My paragraphs flowed nicely, my evidence supported my argument, and I put a lot of work into this paper. I would have given myself an A if I felt confident about where my counter argument sat in my paper. I put it after my first two issues I address, self-esteem and eating disorders, because it mainly focused on those two issues. By putting my counter argument after my first two points it interrupts my evidence and the flow of my paper, but it was the only place that made sense to me. If I another day to work on this …show more content…
In each of my paragraphs I use both ethos and logos from the use of my sources. I use ethos by using credible research to back up my points, and I use logos by using sources that are factual and logical. For example, I use the article “Self-esteem” on The Counseling and Mental Health Center website for the University of Texas to show the consequences of low self-esteem: “anxiety, stress, loneliness, increased likelihood of depression, impairment of academic and job performance, and increased vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse.” This supporting quote works as both factual evidence and as a credible source. I used these appeals to help make my argument sound more professional and credible, as well as, providing support for my argument. I also use pathos in my argument to try to get my readers to relate to the issue and see the importance of why change needs to happen soon. This rhetorical appeal was a bit more difficult than the others, because I was trying to write unbiased and professional. One example where I use pathos is in my paragraph emphasizing the point that the media has an effect on the children of our society. Thinking that most of the readers will be of the generation that has children, I thought that bringing in the effects media has on children would help parents see just how important the issue is. I feel like I

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