Essay on English 111 : Complicated For Me

1007 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
English 111 07 was complicated for me because of the fact I am not very good at writing essays or even know how to start one. Although I struggled the class taught me lots of things and I will use those things in the future. Attendance, Engagement in class lessons, and coming to class prepared are just some of the things that affected my performance. Some of those areas I did better in than others but all of them helped me with my learning experience. I would change some of the things I did in those areas but some things in those areas I would not change at all. Following the MEAL plan and writing essays are two areas that I think I have improved in. It was very complicated at first but learning each and every day helped with learning it and how to use it.
My participation in class was sometimes great and sometimes it was very low. Attendance I would have to rate myself on a 1-10 scale at about a 4 or 5 just because I did not show up all the time like I should have. Engagement in class lessons I would rate myself a 6 because some of the lessons interested me a lot and I liked talking about them in class especially when we did group projects. Coming to class prepared I would have to rate myself a 9 because I only forgot to bring something to class one time and every other class period I had everything I needed. The one area I think I did very well in is coming to class prepared I never really forgot anything and I always had what I needed to get my class work done.…

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