En 023 Reflection

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In En 023 I have gained useful information that I will be using later in life. I have a much better understanding of the English writing now. Also I think that I've grown in many of my weak areas. My experience there has been amazing because I knew that this class was going to make me challenge myself to do my best. I now feel more confident going into a higher level English class and proving myself I can do it. My performance in the class can help show how much I've improved this semester.
Some Information I've gained is knowing the differences between writing a well-structured sentences versus an uncompleted sentence. This helped me develop a stronger understanding of avoiding run on sentences. The in-class notes and homework helped a lot in my development. In fact , I did all my assigned reading , and I also used my textbook to help me structured my writing when writing essays . The information given to me has been very useful since the being of the semester. Each lesson was a step to bettering my writing skills. Because of the practices and lesson my writing skills have improved significantly; now I have what it takes to write an excellent essay. Some lesson and practices that helped me the most were the ones that
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Only because I've gained a better understanding of writing. From finding out new things to having more confident about myself, I enjoyed the class every time. I've taken this class out of school and into my daily life, yet this has helped me better myself. I know I will use this experiences later in life; everything from this class is useful. In class I would take part in the class activity so that the information would stick to my brain. Reviewing old and new material was a good way to memorize all the material given to me. In that case, the most important thing I have learned this semester was how to write an excellent essay. For example, writing properly structured paragraph and having a good

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