Employment Relationship Between Employee And Employer Essay

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An examination of the situation in China regarding the employment relationship between the employee and employer reveals that unitarist and pluralist methods can either be advantageous for the employee or employer to an extent. The employment relationship can refer to employment relations frameworks such as unitarist and pluralists, which can either benefit the employee and not the employer or vice versa. Depending on how organisations establish employment relations in being unitarist or pluralist there is always potential for conflict. Nevertheless, organisations aims should reconcile to create and maintain a peaceful working environment the employment relationship must avoid industrial conflict for the employment relationship between the employee and employer to be pleasing. The employment relationship contains both the employee and employer. An employee is a person who works for an organisation and an employer is a person who looks after employees working. Employment relations main elements are unitarist and pluralist. Farham, D. (1993) claims “there are two major frames of reference for ER, the unitarist and pluralist frameworks. Ross, P and Bamber, G.J (2009) state that “[Unitarist] is where there is only one single source of authority in an organisation, which is usually the management, and oppositionary leaders are non-existent”. Giles, A (1989) claims “[The] pluralist theory believes that the workplace is composed of diverse sets of beliefs, values, attitudes and…

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