Employee Training Essay

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In today’s demanding business world, learning is of critical importance. Successful learning, the application of what has been learnt to the workplace through successful transfer of training and a positive work environment is what measures individual and corporate performance. As employees are chosen to learn, it is usually in the form of structured training (Schimic & Jevremovic 2011). Due to global competitive pressures structured training does not help the employee retain enough knowledge to be useful in the workplace, as mostly the transfer of training fails when the employee is reinserted. This can be due to a variety of factors such as poor trainee characteristics, poor training design and a poor working environment with no …show more content…
The factors previously mentioned can also be viewed as challenges for organisations, as a successful transfer of training by a trainee will mean all factors mentioned need to be in perfect harmony for orgainsations to benefit fully. The trainee characteristics are the first important factor and this entails elements such as the ability of the trainee, if the trainee is motivated and the readiness to learn by the trainee. The ability of the trainee will depend on the general skill set that the trainee possesses among other factors. Motivation is also of critical importance as a motivated employee will learn and retain more than an employee having no interest. Readiness is also important as an organisation would desire someone who is ready for any sort of training they can administer. Training design is another critical factor for successful transfer of training. As the title suggests, the training design is when an organisation designs the program suited to their needs and is done before the trainee commences their training, this is also known as the learning environment. The design of the training needs to be of high quality in order for successful transfer of training to occur and this depends on different factors. In order to create a successful learning environment, Firstly, the cost effectiveness of the program

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