Movie Analysis: Employee Of The Month

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Employee of the Month is a comedy film that reveals the complications between employees of a retail store, “Super Club.” The main character, Zach, is a slug who has no ambition to accomplish any goals at work. Zach is constantly annoyed by his over achieving co-worker, Vince, who is always stealing attention from upper management. One day Zach finds that an attractive female, Amy, has been newly employed and she only dates ambition men who become employee of the month. While Zach suddenly finds himself wanting to improve his working habits, he realizes that he will be challenged at every step by Vince, who has been known as the employee of the month for the last 17 consecutive months and who also plans to win Amy. The two find themselves fighting …show more content…
Counterproductive Work Behavior is defined as “voluntary behavior that violates important organizational norms and threatens the well-being of the organization, its members, or even both.
Zach’s actions at the start of the movie can be labeled as counterproductive work behavior. Zach would constantly arrive to work late, skate around, take long breaks with his friends on the shelves and treat the place as his secret hanging out place. He would not clean up after himself and he wouldn’t work harder to accomplish any goals. Instead, he would lie to management about working hard and would end up convincing other coworkers to do the work for him. He would verbally abuse Vince at any given point and would tease him such as scribbling on Vince’s employee of the month’s picture. Since Zach would not work hard, neither would his friends, and this negative behavior would continue. This game of taking revenge would take up Zach’s time where he could be using that same time to achieve goals at work. Zach would play games with his friends all the time and also discourage them from working hard as well. Zach would also bribe the lady in records every time he needed some information that he wouldn’t be able to obtain,
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The director did portray the constructs of organizational psychology in Employee of the Month at every step. Every character’s personality was created in a way to display how the employee responds to stressors and how each employee may be responsible for bullying, counterproductive work behavior, or being motivated to accomplish certain goals. The director does understand the subjective experience of work since the four constructs used are so common in every day work place. The director did a great job displaying, from different perspectives, the constructs of I/O psychology in a comical way. All the underlying concepts of complications in a simple work place are explained in this

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