Employablility, and Personal Skills in the Recruitment and Retention of Staff in Thorpe Park

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Unit 02 M2. Assess the importance of employability, and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organization. The importance of employability skills and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in Thorpe Park…
The organisation that I have chosen to assess on is Thorpe Park. I have chosen Thorpe Park as it is the UK’s most leading theme parks for thrill seekers, with over 15 thrill rides and rollercoasters alone, offering speeds, drops and loops as well as a calendar of exciting events and it needs to keep on top of the recruitment in either for the organisation to work efficiently.
Thorpe Park, is located in Surrey, England, and was open in 1979. It was originally designed to be a
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The applicant should know what the steps are to move within the company. Overall, this factor will ensure that Thorpe Park’s staff will stay retained if only they hire the right sort of person for the job and that they understand where they need to get in terms of their goals and aspirations. This will definitely ensure that their staff will stay employed once they already have been.
This organisation looks to see if their staff and new recruits work hard. This would be portrayed at inductions/interviews for a job or in trail period of a vacancy. Employees need to be hard working so that the work/service that they provide is of a high quality and meets the company’s standards. AS Thorpe Park is an entertainment business this skill is essential in meeting the needs of the customers because it will make the business safer as different customers come, it will also make the business look more professional in what they do and this will also build the business because working hard is the key to success, so it may become more successful in what they do. The factors that will make them retain their staff are career guidance. This will help employees develop and progress, a career development programme which is very helpful. This should be simply time set aside for coaching an employee for his or her career. The employee’s self-motivation should be the driven force. This will ensure that their staffs are retained because it will motivate them more in doing their job

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