Emotional Intelligence Essay Examples

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Improvement Emotional intelligence is key when it comes to finding happiness and success in life so, it is important to improve in certain areas of our daily lives. Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage our emotions in a constructive way to relieve stress and being able to interact with others. Being able to have control of our emotions is important because not being in control can have a negative impact on ourselves. It is also important to practice certain steps to relieve stress because it makes us perform our tasks betters such as our jobs. Emotional intelligence can also improve your physical health and mental health. It also improves our relationships with others by being able to communicate our emotions better …show more content…
I could improve by being able to have a moment to moment of self awareness with myself. Most of the time when I 'm home I feel sad or angry with myself over things that I don 't have control over and most of the time I shut my emotions down because I don 't know how to deal with them. This causes me to feel numb and its not a nice feeling. If something makes you feel negative in any sort of way a good tactic is to write what you feel, so in that order you can become aware of what all your feelings are. Although, theres so many negative feelings there is also positive ones. Dr. Patricia Thompson explains that, “People who experience more positive emotions enjoy better relationships and are more resilient in response to negative events”. If you focus on positive things your outlook on relationships with others will improve. Focusing on positive emotions up is key to feel happier. Core emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and joy. Those are strong emotions meaning if they are too powerful some people aren’t able to handle them. In order to be emotionally healthy and emotionally intelligent we need to be able to recognize such feelings and being able to accept them. By also, being able to manage stress it will become easier to deal with strong and displeasing emotions it helps the way we acknowledge and respond to our feelings.

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