Elementary School 's Current Cafeteria Routine Essay

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Lacy Elementary School is in the process of implementing Positive Behavior Support Systems, but has seen a large influx of bullying in the cafeteria during lunch hours. Bullying involves any type of psychological or physical abuse and includes such behaviors as teasing or taunting (Whitted & Duper, 2005). Bullying can also be defined as the use of hostile actions that is meant to be disparaging to the individual (Long & Alexander, 2010). While studying the definitions of bullying and reading observations of Lacy Elementary School, bullying became prevalent during lunch hours, which involves large numbers of students gathering in a common area. The implementation of an intervention team, as well as creation of an action plan will combat the issue of bullying in the cafeteria. As these concepts are created, Lacy Elementary School will also hold a professional development session to assist staff and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) volunteers the action plan and prepare them for implementation in the cafeteria.
Profile of a Special Situation Lacy Elementary School’s current cafeteria routine has several elements that lend students to fall on either side of the behavioral spectrum. On one end of the behavior spectrum there is the breakfast procedures, students have a morning routine that is relatively quiet and free of inappropriate behaviors. Students are supervised by paraprofessionals while going through the line and continuing straight to a seat. They eat quietly and…

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