Elementary Classroom Observation Examples

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My observation was completed on September 18, and September 25. I was in each classroom for one hour. I was at Willow Creek Elementary where I was able to observe first grade, fourth grade, and two second grade classes. All of these classes contained around 20-22 students.
During my observation I chose to observe k-4 along with high school. There is a major difference that goes on when it come to the classrooms. When it came to entering and exiting the classroom, elementary students are to be in a single file line, they are required to walk quietly and not be disruptive. Where in the high school the students walk in the hallways talking with their friends, stop at the restrooms, and/or anything else that they want to do in the six minute time
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The high school turn in process was the same where the students turned in their homework from the previous day in a box sitting by the door. I did observe a PAP geometry teacher who has the students turn in their homework the same day as their quiz, as long as they turn it in they already have a 50 on the quiz, making the other 50 points the quiz grade. They staple the quiz and homework together so it 's basically easier for her to grade and keep organized. She was telling me that it has make her grading process so much easier on top of not having near as much paper everywhere waiting to be graded. I noticed that when it comes to rewarding good behavior and discouraging negative behavior was actually pretty similar at elementary level and high school. The only difference I saw was in high school if a student was acting up they would take to a student in the hall about whatever the issue was , then bring them back into the class and there wouldn 't be anymore issues. Where the elementary for good behavior tells the student to get "cat cash" if they ask a good question or doing something super good. I didn 't seem any students being embarrassed or called out in front of the whole class

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