Elementary Classroom At Sunset Elementary Essay

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I am currently student teaching in a 4th grade classroom at Sunset Elementary under my master teach, Alissa Nakaji. Upon my first day, I instantly fell in love with the dynamics of the classroom. The classroom had colorful posters explaining rules, consequences, inspirational quotes, and a list of roles for each student (changed weekly). This classroom feels more like a community of students striving together to have an optimal learning experience instead of just one teacher demanding and controlling the students. It is very autonomous and the teacher is involved only when needed. Because it is a 4th grade class, the students are a bit older and are given huge responsibilities to make the classroom flourish.
The students are split into 6 tables with 5-6 students. There is a seating chart and she only changes the chart whenever people are not working efficiently with their tablemates. There has only been one incident when a student was asked to move to a different tables. The master teacher asks the whole class to come to the rug when there is read alouds and interactive Social Studies lessons. The classroom itself is extremely clean as there are many roles for students that involve cleaning such as, sweeping, table wipes, dusting, and board wipers. She allows 25 minutes before dismissal for their roles to be completed so the students enter a clean classroom the next morning. Her class is designed to be student centered as she has a small area where she sits. She uses any…

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