Effects Of Women Empowerment

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My research topic is the about the empowerment of women for eliminating the social and economic differences. It is the very important it understand that the women are facing problems and challenges forgetting their equal status at the economic level and at the social level. There are a number of approaches and measures that have been n introduced to gain the equal position of women on the social and economic level. In the United States of America, the problem of gender inequality has merged with the problem of racial inequality for the black women, and they are facing critical situations at the economic level and at the social level.
However, the challenging situation and practices of discrimination that have been faced by the women in all
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I did not face any problem in collecting information or view of other people about this work because there are a number of people that have presented different ideas and opinion about the effects of women empowerment at the social and economical level. I have analyzed different books, articles, and other research paper and come to know that there are different writers and researchers that have presented the same concepts about the practical implementation of the women …show more content…
In this article, the writer has described that the increase in the concept of women empowerment, countries can experience an increase in demographic developments in the form of demographic transition. In this way, it can successfully estimate that increasing the powers and authorities of the women can help the women that are living in the remote areas. The writer has claimed that the demographic transition can be very helpful for increasing the economic and social contribution of women (De la Croix,

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