According To Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks?

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It is said that the doctors and institutions that had Lacks’ cells did not use them for profit of their own gain. According to Rebecca Skloot in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks she includes statements from doctors on Henrietta’s case and that work at John Hopkins hospital. When the Vice President of Hopkins, Ross Jones, was asked about celebrating Henrietta’s life and contribution to the medical world he stated that he was not sure how Hopkins would be able to help celebrate her life. On page 225 of this book capturing the life and mark that ‘HeLa’ left on the world, Skloot quotes Jones in saying:
Hopkins never used the HeLa cells in a commercial venture. Hopkins never sought, nor realized, any money from the development, distribution or
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He goes on to continue stating how Hopkins was in no wrong for using the cells that were taken from the African American female patient. The issue that stands with the ‘HeLa’ were not the use of them exactly but rather the unauthorized extraction of her cells because of who she was - and African American female with no medical training or knowledge.
Racism and bias, prejudice and inequality. All four of these words are things that plague the inhabitants of America each day. These are all issues that have been present since the foundation of this nation. This nation of the great, land of the free, home of the brave, is simply and not much short of feigning the appearance of perfection and superior morality. The facts can not be hidden, the truth can not be masked- well, at least, it shouldn’t be. There is an underlying existence of discrimination and unequal treatment within every aspect of American society. The 10 part television series, “Shots Fired”, emphasizes the existence of this plague in several respects. The most

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